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Hayley Eggers

May 01, 2024
Growing up in the community of Golden Bay, I have a wealth of knowledge of the area with a strong insight into the ...
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Sophie Hurst

Sep 15, 2023
Being local to Golden Bay gives me a unique and powerful insight into the local area and a fresh approach to buying ...
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Amy Drummond

Aug 23, 2023
“Proud to be the third generation Drummond in Real Estate within the Tasman region, following in my mother an ...
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Sam Gofriller - K Real Estate Agent - Motueka - Tasman - Golden Bay

Sam Goffriller

Nov 03, 2022
People tell me they love my passion and enthusiasm, but to me it is just who I am. I love chatting and helping peop ...
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Olivia Besley - K Real Estate Agent - Motueka - Tasman Bay - Nelson NZ

Olivia Besley

Mar 01, 2022
K Real Estate is a company with a vision that recognizes the importance of harnessing powerful digital marketing to ...
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Natacha Debas - K Real Estate Agent - Motueka - Tasman Bay - Nelson NZ

Natacha Debas

Jul 19, 2021
I can offer you much more than just tell you how much your property could be worth in this market. Real Estate is m ...
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Lisa Ball - K Real Estate Agent - Motueka - Tasman Bay - Nelson NZ

Lisa Ball

Apr 03, 2021
With a lifetime of entrepreneurship and building lasting networks of both friends and clients jumping into a sales ...
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Nicola Drummond - K Real Estate Agent - Motueka - Riwaka - Tasman Bay

Nicola Drummond

Jun 06, 2019
I have a long family history in real estate in the Motueka and Riwaka area. I joined Rebecca at the end of 2016 and ...
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Roar Kristoffersen

Mar 28, 2019
While Rebecca and our sales team are out front I spend most of my time behind the scenes further developing our bus ...
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Rebecca K - K Real Estate Agent - Motueka - Tasman Bay - Nelson NZ

Rebecca K

Mar 28, 2019
Hi I am Rebecca and I am on a mission to change the real estate industry one customer at a time. Although I was bor ...
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